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The Rio Hondo Region Adult Education Consortium is formed under the guidelines of AB86 in order to develop strategies to collaborate and better serve adult learners in Whittier, Santa Fe Springs, Pico Rivera, El Monte and surrounding areas.

Mission: To provide dynamic, effective education and services to meet the changing needs of the diverse population of adult learners in our communities.

Vision: The Rio Hondo Region Adult Education Consortium shall meet the needs of our diverse population of adult learners by collaborating with our partners and stakeholders to provide basic skills, high school diplomas/equivalency, citizenship, English as a Second Language and career-technical education. The Consortium is committed to expanding and improving adult education services by creating linkages between our districts and agencies. The Consortium will research our communities to determine the times, locations and instructional delivery methods that maximize efficiency and student success. The Consortium will take into account that the needs of students employers and communities continuously evolve and the services and strategies of the consortium must also. 

Organization Chart:

Goals and Objectives:

1. Promote the ease of seamless transitions to further education for all students.

  • Create a symbiotic relationship among all adult education providers for improved collaboration and coordination.
  • Align K-12 adult education and community college programs to improve student success.
  • Leverage existing relationships between service providers to improve opportunities for students.
  • Increase the number of students achieving personal, academic and vocational goals.

2. Promote efficient and effective delivery of services to the diverse communities within the consortium.

  • Use the language from current adult education legislation to establish shared goals and objectives.
  • Leverage the combined resources of the consortium to promote effective advocacy for resources and flexibility.
  • Actively seek additional linkages to leverage community resources.
  • Investigate and incorporate appropriate technologies and best practices to deliver programs and services as and where needed.

3. Ensure that adult education needs are identified and met in our communities.

  • Provide opportunities for stakeholders to discuss their needs related to adult education.
  • Strengthen programs for career-technical education, disabled students, basic skills, English language learners, those seeking high school diplomas/equivalency, and apprenticeships.
  • Monitor student progress, including program/course completions and transitions into the workforce.

4. All participants in the Rio Hondo Region Adult Education Consortium will follow the following Guiding Principles:

  • Priority will be placed on the needs of adult learners, not the needs of individual agencies.
  • All parties will be treated with respect.
  • We understand that at times there will be differences of opinion and disagreements, and we agree that we will disagree respectfully.
  • If a consensus cannot be reached, a decision will be made by a vote of the RHRAEC Executive Board.